Together as a team -

Experts in our business

Andreas Strauß (CEO) - the head of our company - studied machine engineering at the RWTH Aachen with the focus on medical process engineering. 

More than 15 years of branch-specific experience in the engineering of medical products (class I, IIa and III) speaks for itself. Because of his innovative ideas Andreas Strauß already manages the german wide network "organ lifetool", which is a financially supported network (ZIM supported) about organ perfusion. Andreas Strauß also was a co-funder and CTO of a start up focussing on deaf-blindness. 

 The start up was about digital communication and espacially about how to enable a barrier-free use.


Furthermore the CTO acts as a managing partner therefore he can look back on sector-specific experience.

His expertise is the reason why Andreas Strauß worked also as a lecture at the Fachhochschule Köln in the field of biomedical technology.

The CTO is available in Germany and also international for medium-sized companies and and larger businesses.

His core-competences are:



  • Quality management   ISO 13485:2016 and 21 CFR Part 820
  • Risk management  EN ISO 14971
  • Usability engineering  EN 62366
  • Engineering by the family of standards  EN 60601
  • Regulatory affairs management international, esp. EU, USA
  • Project management






Andreas Hézser

worked as a health technologist, as a registered nurse and as a paramedic. All of them are medical professions, in which the closeness to people plays a significant role. Mr. Hézser is experienced in the practical usage of medical products and the spectrum of his experiences allows him a diferentiated perspective on medical technology. 

Andreas Hézser enriches our team with his practical knowledge and his valuable experience in the usage and also the valuation of medical products and their use in the medical technology branch.


Mr. Andreas Hézser is an important employee in our team. His practical knowledge, his competence and his work ethic are unique and irreplaceable for our company.


His key competences are:

  • Risk management EN ISO 14971
  • Usability engineering EN 62366
  • Valuation of the bio compatibility EN ISO 10993
  • Project management

Dr. Marian Gransow (CTO)

Besides his education in the field of electrical engineering, Dr. Marian Gransow obtained his doctorate as a medical-technology-engineer 

and today he is a certified "Manager Regulatory Affairs for Medical Devices International". Because of his holistic experience as an engineer, project manager and QA/-RA-Manager, the CTO is essential for our company. Dr. Marian Gransow is especially experienced in the field of organ perfusion.

The CTO is an expert in:


  • Quality management ISO 13485:2016 and 21 CFR Part 820
  • Risk management EN ISO 14971
  • Usability Engineering EN 62366
  • Engineering by the family of standards EN 60601
  • Regulatory affairs management international, esp. EU, USA
  • Project management



Laila Disterheft (Marketing Associate)

 Laila Disterheft supports us in the field of marketing, web design, public relations and more. 

The nutricional science student uses her strenghts- analytic procedure, acurate work but also her creativity.

A part of her work is about the open corporate communication, market research and concept design in term of company presentation.

Her talent in organisation and her sense for the latest industry trends are just some of her strengths.