Andreas Strauss Medizintechnik!

is an official cooperation partner  from organ lifetool, a national network, which is a government-sponsored project with the focus on

organ perfusion. 

      The objective of organ lifetool is to 

      enable for the first time an organ                    perfusion which is mobile and                        autonomous system in the form of                                                                     a specially made transport box.       

The special box will offer an improved world wide organ transport under adequate conditions and as a result of it there will be more matches between donator and recipient.





Visit our Seminar on 23. march 2017 in Frankfurt/Offenbach (ISO 13485:2016 "Die Neuerungen und der Einfluss des risikobasierten Ansatzes auf ein QM-System") 

Meet us at the fair : Medica 2014 in Düsseldorf, the world wide largest fair specially for medical technology!