Our projects and cooperations


We love meeting new cooperation partners and looking at things from a completely different point of view.

New challenges, evaluating benefits and risks, optimizing projects and processes- these are just some of our skills.

That is the reason why we are very happy that our new projects and partnership network are being supported by the German government, thus we are able to operate saving your ressources and time.


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Start ups and entrepreneurs

Andreas Strauß Medizintechik! supports you with your start up! We offer special conditions for entrepreneurs and beginners and encourage you!


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organ lifetool

Our latest cooperation: the organ lifetool network ( supported from ZIM and BMWi, the German government)

organ lifetool-  a network, which brings different cooperation partners together and supports different point of views from different fields of the branch. This makes possible to produce innovative medical products in the area of organ perfusion and, as a result of it,

it improves the patient´s quality of life.


other collaboration partners

Susanne Kromnik - Cooperation partner and contact person at the TU Dresden

The graduate engineer among other things deals with extra coorporal organ perfusion from the procedural viewpoint for many years.



Further partners:

  • Keller Medical (cooperation partner in the organ lifetool network)





We worked together with many collaboration partners and completed significant projects;

gladly you can contact us and we will assist you perfectly with your issues and individual products!


Contact us: medizintechnik@andreasstrauss.de